Two posts in a year is a recent record of mine, but here we go. You get short thoughts before bed.

I do not like Trump. I think the GOP and conservatism in its current form aren't just wrong, they're dangerous and backwards. They're short term comfort that neglects the real need for change to address growing issues not just with the country but with our economy and political system.

With that being said, is this the best that the mainstream left in the US can offer? Whinging? Clinging to some stupid idea that the electoral college should break from the Democratic process under the pretense of defending the popular vote?

This shit is sad. It's soft, cowardly liberalism. It's whining because we lost. And no wonder the Democrats lost if this is the character of the party.

Change is not easy. The truth is not kind. Often the important changes that aren't being done? Aren't being done because they hurt momentarily.

We have to restructure our economy to deal with the fact that industrial jobs aren't returning and automation is going to displace more low skilled labor as time progresses. We need to put limitations on the power of the Supreme Court while we still can, and we need to fix the voting system to both engage more of the population and stop the voters disenfranchisement that we saw this year and for decades now.

These are very real, very serious issues that need to be addressed, but instead of organizing and mobilizing, people are whinging on the internet. More toothless calls for revolution, more hope placed in these old disconnected far fetched ideas rather than organizing voter drives or getting involved in your local politics.

This is not the left that we need as a country. If this is what we can muster then why bother continuing? If we can't even bring up a modicum of resolve in the face of crisis, how can we expect to solve the larger issues? What happens when we realize we need to give up the current culture of aggressive consumerism? Judging by today, we shy away from it and wait for death like dogs.

If I seem mad, then it's because I am. This is childish. We ought to be ashamed, we ought to do better. We need to bring back a strong left, and that doesn't happen when the attitude is run to the electoral college because we bungled the election.


    We need to put limitations on the power of the Supreme Court while we still can
Weird, it's the last branch I'd say needs to be reformed. What were you thinking?

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