I would like to encourage more hubskiers to have conversations, in person, with one another and share the audio here, unedited. Which tag do ya'll prefer #hubtalk or #2hubskierstalking? Or... give me some suggestions and I'll retag it.

This is me and mk having a conversation this afternoon.

Also, sorry for my cough. Getting over a rough cold.

From the conversation: Bob Dole, Skeksi's, Scissor Sisters. -Had a conversation with a guy that told me that his interpretation of the song was that it was about the plight of HIV/Meth in the gay community. -Could be way off base. Don't think I was right about Diane Lane/Jack Nicholson, but here's some older people doing it, apparently it involves taking someones blood pressure and crying together. Shoutout to steve's favorite film Harold and Maude.


I can now rest assured that such conversations will not preclude me from running for public office.

posted by thenewgreen: 526 days ago