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Had an hour after work today and even got to play the drums (poorly). I wrote and recorded this on the spot. I have a horrible cold right now and couldn't sing and decided I'd use it to my advantage and do this raspy, talking thing.

Key is "E" -bet you could have guessed that flac. Forgot the exact BPM.


  There's a witch outside

She hides, she hides

Don't let her smile fool you

She bites, she bites

Just run away

Far and alone

I can't, you know

It's my home, my home

  There's a witch outside

All day, all night

When the weather shifts

She just sits tight

There's a witch outside

So big, so strong

Her legs are fat

Her arms are long

There's a witch outside

And she bites

  There's a witch outside my home

lil - I checked something off of my list #2. I played hockey. steve


Will probably add some light texture-y stuff (and banjo) tomorrow

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