Holy shit.

I've just received a visa invitation to a student forum in Cologne, Germany.

Holy shit!

I'd applied to the forum in November and was selected out of 3000+ other students from all around the world, which is freaking amazing!

The forum in question is World Business Dialogue. This conference's topics include AI and the role of humanity, alternative sources of energy and the future of EU. I get a chance to listen to a whole selection of world experts on said matters. Among the speakers from previous years are several CEOs of German and international companies and banks, politicians (like Michael Bloomberg), journalists and entrepreneurs (like Bill Gates).

I knew I was invited before - they've sent me an acceptance letter - but it's the visa invitation that really hit me: "This is real. This is happening".

Holy shit.

I've been selected to attend an international forum in Germany, and I'm not even that good of a student. Thanks to goobster for guiding me through the process! You've been a great help, buddy, and I appreciate that.

Oh boy. I'm excited!

There's still the matter of ticket cost as well as accomodation (which is paid for separately and is promising to be a hostel), which might be beyond my reach. I'm keeping in touch with the official counsel of the forum in Russia to try and leverage some sort of a compensation. Hopefully, I won't have to ask my parents for any financial assistance. Ticket costs rise by €20 after the New Year, so getting something before that would be better. And I guess I can starve a bit to scrape some money for accomodation and food, given that the forum is in early March.

Hoo boy. I'm going to need a suit and a good pair of shoes for that. Can't look cheap in that kind of a business.

Excerpt from the visa invitation:

    Anton Shumakov was chosen from a highly selective pool of over 3000 international applicants to attend the 20th World Business Dialogue <..> as one of our 300 international delegates. <..> Acceptance to attend the World Business Dialogue is an extraordinary accomplishment which deserves both recognition and support.

    <..> The World Business Dialogue brings together top-tier students and distinguished speakers from various fields of expertise to analyse and discuss impactful topics in today’s economy and society. Over the past 25 years, the World Business Dialogue has grown to become the world’s largest international business convention organised by students.

    Each year, the Dialogue attracts a wide variety of distinguished speakers, company representatives and students. The participants form a multicultural, cross-generation think tank as the foundation for productive and inspiring discussions. Only through the active participation of elite students like Anton Shumakov can this Dialogue successfully occur.

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