After driving across a flat plain for miles, this massive sand dune formation pops up against the mountains. As you get closer and closer, they get bigger and bigger. The sand in the dunes is a byproduct of erosion in the mountains, where rocks have been ground to a powder and washed down into the plain by the waterway in the picture. Father downstream, the sand dries out and is blown back up against the mountains by wind, creating the dunes. This cycle continues as the sand is repeatedly carried away by water and blown back, maintaining the formation.

From the air

I am a hobbyist photographer, and I especially enjoy taking nature shots. If Hubski likes this, I'll try to post other images from time to time along with some informative trivia.


That's a great photo, and definitely an interesting place. I wouldn't expect to see sand dunes by a mountain but now I will know what I am looking at if I ever come across one. Share some more!

posted by Trombone: 147 days ago