UPDATE: PLEASE NOTE ALL PIECES ARE NOW BESPOKE (which is awesome, thanks guys!)

Should any become bespoke I will update the picture header ASAP & with the user who called it first. Because I'm anticipating such high demand.

As an FYI for those fretting about the potential cost of S&H I was able to ship a painting to MI for like, $8. And it came pretty quick too, dinnit, OftenBen ? International shipping, on the other hand - well, why not plan a holiday trip to the US instead? (AKA I got no clue what internat'l to anyplace would be.)

All I want is for people who like the paintings and will hang them and look at them and smile and maybe even love them, to have them. So if you're one of those sorts, peep up, peeps.

All are 16 x 20 inches, acrylic, canvas, wooden frame. Most are paint by numbers.

If you tried you could probably even convince me to comp S&H so long as you made a comparable donation to the great 'Ski here.

1. - BESPOKE to flac

2. BESPOKE to kantos

3. - BESPOKE to flagamuffin

4. BESPOKE to arguewithatree

5. BESPOKE to francopoli

6. BESPOKE to blackbootz

7. BESPOKE to Meriadoc Not sure if frame'll be included FYI. Haven't decided yet. Let's see how it impacts shipping


Well I would love number 7, if still available, mon amie.

posted 1322 days ago