Ever wanted to see only the posts that rate between certain number of shares or are strictly over/under certain number of shares? Well, now you can.

Here is a description:

Go to your feed, for example https://hubski.com/feed/yourUsername. Now you can add parameters to the end of it.

To search for posts under share rating N you need to add &under=N. Resulting in https://hubski.com/feed/yourUsername&under=N URL.

To search for posts over share rating N you need to add &over=(N - 2) resulting in https://hubski.com/feed/yourUsername&over=(N-2) URL.

To search for posts between M and N you add &over=(M-2)?under=N. This results in https://hubski.com/feed/yourUsername&over=(M-2)?under=N URL.

I don't know why -2, but maybe it's related to how comment filters are off by 1 and some </> instead of ≤/≥? Either way, this method works. Och, and please keep M ≤ N, OK? :P

Here is a video demonstrating it:

although it was a test of my first attempts so certain fuck-ups were made and the -2 thing from above didn't occur to me at the moment.

EDIT: Mistake in example 1 :/. Now corrected.

EDIT2: Maybe to make it explicit, if you want to have posts over 2, just make it equal to 0. &over=0, don't write expression and don't use parentheses! The above examples are results of my "I suck at explaining" quality speaking, not how the URL is supposed to look. Sorry.


On a different note: hacking!


posted by Devac: 631 days ago