Hey everybody, I am a reddit refugee seeking out a new online community to call home after finding out that the CEO apparently thinks it's okay to change user comments. Loving Hubski so far, and looking for advice to make the most of it.

As far as usability of the site goes I am curious as to the search function, and tags.

What's the deal with the search returning a game of Zork? Does that mean there were no results found?

I've seen posts with more than two tags. Can I do that? How can I do that? What is the maximum amount of tags possible?


The search function is down due to one of the following (or a combination of them):

- The Recent conversion of database.

- Security problems with the search function.

Zork is just a good game, but its function here is to denote lack or missing resource. The search function will return when problems are dealt with.

Anyone can give their post up to two tags. The third one is a 'community tag', given by people who earned the first 'hubwheel'. What's a hubwheel? It's that thing next to your nick on the navigation bar, it gets up to 8 dots, next one resets the count and assigns you one badge that you can give to others. Three is maximum until you'll get that hubwheel you can't add community tags.

Please read FAQ and click tutorial. Aside from search function, you haven't asked a single question that's not answered there.

posted by wongireffic: 602 days ago