Hey everybody, going to jump into the meat of this given the target audience. Would anybody be interested in an ongoing discussion/support group thing for ADHD?

So I've been on Reddit for a while, and some of the communities there were just amazing. While I never got caught up in the various scandals over censorship this latest one got me. I deleted my account and am looking for a new online community to call home. One thing I am going to miss is the support and knowledge on the ADHD sub-reddit. There doesn't really seem to be anything like that here, but I was wondering if maybe we could get something going.

For those who are unaware of the reddit scandal that finally drove me out, apparently the CEO was editing people's comments.


Okay, so apparently there was already an #adhd tag that wasn't showing under all tags for me. Also, one of the posts was anti-/r/adhd... Ackward...

But I stand by my original post.

posted by wongireffic: 546 days ago