Sitting in a coffee shop in Detroit with mk. We are so, so, very close to closing our seed round of funding. One of the doctors performing our procedure wants to invest. Pretty neat. We are now operational in San Francisco, which we anticipate will be our largest US market.

I'm working so much that my personal life is suffering. My wife's grandmother died, she was 99 years old. We all decided to wait and have her memorial service on her 100th birthday. We drove to Asheville NC for it. On the way to Asheville I had to take several business calls, kids in the back seat, wife annoyed. We got to our hotel and I realized that in my crazy dash to get my work done and prepare for my calls, forgot to pack my suit. I went to my wife's grandmothers funeral, a woman that I adored, in jeans and a sweater. I forgot my wedding anniversary this year. My kids see less and less of me. Still, I've never felt more alive than when I'm working on Forever Labs.

I need to find some more balance.

Damn, this coffee is good. If you're ever in Detroit, hit up Ashe Supply. Nicaraguan.

posted by pubski: 578 days ago