Goddamn I'm hungry now, I'mma get some burger meat tomorrow and make one for lunch haha!

I love the food culture in America, the iconic diners thru to the bodegas and food trucks... the way you guys talk about them really romanticises them, brings out a lot of passion. We have some stuff in the UK, I got to experience a bit of it in Bristol... but where I live? There's nothing.

We're lucky if a restaurant stays open more than five years, there's maybe two places that I could recommend in my local area and I've not eaten there for ages... your places just seem like you'd be in them every day.

You kind of get that from this video, I think they did a great job touching on how each distinct part of Harlem connects with their food, their places, the culture. I loved the part where the NYPD got all up in their business just over eating a fucking sandwich, cos you know that's a daily thing and would have been going on longer if there wasn't a camera crew; don't get me wrong, it's shit, but it reinforces the points and issues that people are fighting.

posted by Cedar: 393 days ago