Taken with a Nexus 6 held up to the eyepiece of the telescope. We had over 200 people take pictures while a local church provided hot chocolate as part of a fund raiser for the park. The cheesy little Cell phone holder that I got for $13 bux is probably the best damn thing I have ever bought for getting the general public interested in looking up at the sky.

This is by far the best image of the moon I have pulled out with just the cell phone. No processing other than Imgur compression. Oh look I have slots in Astrobin! I really need to pay up and support them.


You want to look at that full size. Trust me. And get this... this is not nearly the best I have done. This is probably the best with a cell phone, sure, but I can do better.


Now with ridiculous application of instagram filters just to annoy you

posted by francopoli: 522 days ago