Beware my post storm. I've been catching a bunch of stuff and the stuff that makes sense, as opposed to the stuff that's mostly histrionic screaming, is coming from the right. I think there are four.

    (3) I do not believe the polls were sinister, fixed, crooked, or evil – I believe they were just plain ole wrong. They were based on models that proved wrong. This ought to be a lesson to those who rely on flawed mathematical inputs to derive outputs of policy (I am talking to you, Keynesian central bankers). I truly do not believe the pollster class will ever recover from this. I chose to believe the polls because the vast testimony of history is that the polls are right. They were wrong here, and as Politico said this morning:

    “WE WERE ALL WRONG. That seems obvious, right? But we were more than wrong. We were laughably oblivious. The entire Washington political-media complex completely missed the mark. Not by inches or feet, but by miles. For a year and a half, we scoffed at those who said the polls were wrong. The polling industry is broken. We had our eyes trained on prognosticators and pundits — but they were all wrong, too. There will be plenty of time to dissect it all. The joke is on us.”

Two other things: I'm taking b_b's #seriousseason and using the shit out of it. I'm also inaugurating #foodforthought because while it's the last decent subreddit I moderate, I'm not feeling very reddity right now.


Use it, brother. Tags are for everyone. That and #lolbrooks are my best taxonomic contributions to hubski so far.

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