Made another two shirts, here's my first long-sleeved one. I think my current fashion vibe can be more or less summed up as "the nursery 'snuggle fabric' section of Joann's Fabrics". I think this is the best put-together shirt I've made so far (figured out sleeves!), and I have plans to make a Twin Peaks themed long-sleeve for Halloween.

I'm moving to Chicago tomorrow.

I finally finished recording yesterday. I'm planning to have this album mixed over the next two weeks or so, sending it to someone else to master it, and putting it out at roughly my birthday (election day, nov. 8th). I am really happy with the way it is shaping up, even though it is all over the place genre-wise. I think I would classify it as "mathy freak-folk" right now, do with that what you will.

posted by pubski: 599 days ago