A number of organizations have dedicated themselves to advocating for control through consumption, including Eat the Invaders and Invasivore.org. The Institute for Applied Ecology oversees the Eradication by Mastication campaign, which sponsors the annual Invasive Species Cookoff in Oregon. The most recent installment was held in August; among the dishes entered were pulled nutria, smoked blackberry lime starling tacos, and Cajun fried bullfrog legs. The institute also sells an invasive species cookbook, so you can learn how to make some nutria for yourself (crockpots really can do it all).

I love me some siberian blackberries. I have yet to figure out how to eat ivy or foxglove.


Might not take off over here, but options available. In the UK our invasive species are: Grey Squirrel (cute, but not as cute as the indigenous red. Tasty bushcraft fodder), Himalayan Balsam (The internal nectar is edible, so maybe a high end energy drink?), Japanese Knotweed (Stems require half a day of soaking to get out the bitterness then can be eaten as asparagus apparently) and finally New Zealand flatworm (I guess if you can capture enough of them you can deep fry them as a kind of fritter, but probably not going to be many takers!)

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