"Touching the Voynich is an experience," Juan Jose Garcia, director of the Spanish publishing house Siloe, told Agence France-Presse. "It’s a book that has such an aura of mystery that when you see it for the first time ... it fills you with an emotion that is very hard to describe."

    Until now, not a single publishing house in history has been allowed access to the manuscript to make copies, but after 10 years of requesting, Siloe finally got the go-ahead.

    Exactly 898 exact replicas of the Voynich will soon be available to the public - at around US$9,000 each - with every stain, hole, and patched-up tear in the original document to be painstakingly reproduced.



let's be real if there is actually a pattern and language we can decipher we should probably be giving it to coders and programmers.

I've always kind of had the idea that the Voynich is some sort of dream journal.

posted by kleinbl00: 621 days ago