This rings true to me, and ties in with Cal Newport's "deep work" idea and re-training our brain to not need or expect constant little hits of dopamine and diversions. Intolerance of boredom, and requiring constant entertainment, leads to a shallow life devoid of significant meaning or creation.


Agreed. To me, it seems as though the majority of the large momentous events in my life would not be so if not for the stretches of ordinary in between.

Those stretches of ordinary offer a point of reference in which I can compare and enjoy the big exciting moments.

I also find that boredom is also where the anticipation builds as I plan out future adventures. Adventures that often are more exciting in their anticipation than in reality.

Then, some amazing and unexpected happening comes along. Some event takes place that we didn't plan on. That's the coolest stuff. The stuff that my family and I talk about for years to come.

posted by rthomas6: 802 days ago