Hey folx I'm back at work (kill me no one is here I could have taken another day off ;_;) after a week of in town pre departure adventure for the Fulbright! I got to meet the other 20 or so people going to about a dozen countries around the globe, and I've got a lot to think about after the briefings and panels I attended.

I can't get to tumblr from work but I linked the url of my travel blog to be where I wrote up my experiences over the past week.

Here are some pictures! Not a ton because we spent most of our days in a hotel conference room but definitely highlighted the most interesting bits.


The last day we were invited to the VP's ceremonial office to talk to Dr. Jill Biden's Chief of Staff, Sheila Nix. This is the inside of the top desk drawer where all the veeps sign on their way out of office (most were January right before they transitioned out)

Giant cute ass picture Joe has in his office

All of the Fellows

Your heroine

The Kosovo Fellows and the Ambassador to the US from Kosovo (center)



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