Also I'd really appreciate it if ya'll could let me know if it doesn't run/runs strangely. Still a few dumb bugs to squash.


Howdy and welcome to Hubski! I was in an Apple store when I first saw this post last night and had some fun passing time with it while my roommate's phone was getting fixed. Didn't have enough time to power through the whole game, but loved how polished it was. I only just realized playing through it a bit at home that the spacebar didn't work as a pause button when I was tinkering with it on Safari. Don't have much else to add, though it has been quite a long time since I've seen/played with browser games. Where do y'all plan to go with it after? In other words, do you plan on making more and if so, where are you looking to get them played?

Great job and good luck!

posted by tobactrac: 726 days ago