It's another Thursday which brings another Thursday Three. Thanks for the great feedback two weeks ago. Here's the latest that went out this morning. The theme is: "home," with a heartbreaking, moving article, a great song, and one of my favorite poems.

A bit of behind-the-scenes reflection: This one was tough to write. My mom's childhood home will be sold this weekend and, she hasn't stated it (we don't talk about our feelings), but I can tell it's tough on her. So I thought a lot about her as I put this together, knowing she reads every week. I hope it was at once meaningful and hopefully healing, too.

That Mary Oliver poem gets me every time.

As always, I welcome your thoughts and feedback. I'm thankful for this space and looking forward to contributing more. You can read about the Thursday Three and subscribe at .


    overlooking just how deeply housing is implicated in the creation of poverty.

this... a thousand times this...

    I’ve been reading poetry regularly as a discipline, always looking for more, surprised by the ways poetry breaks into my imagination and stirs the depths of my soul. I’m constantly struck by the ways I’m forced to slow down. To linger on words and phrases.

I applaud this and think I will figure out how to incorporate more poetry into my life.

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