Whereas a man on the road might be seen as potentially dangerous, potentially adventurous, or potentially hapless, in all cases the discourse is one of potential. When a man steps onto the road, his journey begins. When a woman steps onto that same road, hers ends.


I don't have strong feelings one way or the other on this, but it doesn't seem to me like the quote in the OP is true.

The author talks about the invisibility of women. Based on the tone of the article, the opposite is the case. If a man with no connections went out on the road and died, no one would notice. The fact that no one noticed wouldn't elicit outrage. A woman in the same circumstances who winds up dead elicits a bit more attention. It's the cultural idea that women are supposed to be more protected that causes this reaction.

I don't understand the lack of female narratives part. In this day of blogging, everyone has the same access to telling their story. That shouldn't make a difference between males and females.

posted by flac: 911 days ago