So, I'm writing this article, which is getting pretty long, but I'm trying to go into some pretty lengthy detail about what the US Chamber of Commerce is doing in terms of lobbying, and why they do it, because they are the number one spender in lobbying every year. I want it to be a long read, with a lot of detail, because I want to make sure people have a real understanding of what's going on with a pretty good pool of info, but with still being article length.

I'm trying to break it up into a few different sections: the intro, which gives some explanation of what I'm writing about and why, a section where I go into detail about the history of why the Chamber has become what it has over the last 40 years, and the one I'm currently still writing, the section on what the Chamber lobbies so heavily for and why they do it. Some of the sections have a few subsections too.

Now, I wonder if there are any tips that you guys can give to me on writing pretty long, political articles that make it more interesting to read to someone who might have no idea what I'm talking about before starting, and without becoming too taxing of a read by being too long. What would you like to see and make it easier to read and absorb this topic well?

Thanks, guys.


Do you have an outline?

If you do, cover your outline, then expand, then edit, edit edit. rearrange, cut, add, etc.

If you don't have an outline? get an outline, dawg. I have wasted SO MUCH TIME writing articles without outlines and now I am a convert. I find them so much easier to organize my thoughts and get from A to z.

posted by tutter: 957 days ago