“Before we talk about populism, the anti-establishment, we have to talk about the social position of these people. What do they earn? How do they see their everyday lives?” said Tetiana Havlin, a sociologist at the University of Siegen in Germany.

    “In everyday life nobody thinks about anti-globalization, anti-establishment. They just see their challenges,” she said.

    . . .

    “You have a lot of people who took a big hit. These are people who feel economically vulnerable, and when you put demographic fears on top of economic vulnerability this is what you get,” said Halston.


I spent most of the day with Trump supporters. All you liberals calling the exit voters stupid, uninformed etc, well, you may be right but you better understand why these people voted the way they did and do it fast. Or get used to saying 'President trump." I'd rather not do that myself, thanks.

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