Hello Hubski! So I have been researching a lot to come up with an itinerary and I would like your advice.

Some basic infos about me: 23 years old guy, loves adventure, I will have 27.5 days to travel the US and make the most of this journey in August (30 July – 26 August). My plane takes off August 26th at JFK, New York.

I want to visit great cities and the scenary of the US. I’m trying to minimize cost while doing so. I’m also ok with very long journey. I prefer to spend money on events than on transportation/renting room.

It’s a first draft. The plan is as follows : New York --> Chicago (3days) --> Denver (3days) --> Salt Lake City (3 days) --> San Francisco (3 days) --> Los Angeles (4 days) --> Dallas (3 days) --> New Orleans (3 days) --> Orlando (2 days) --> New York

1) New York to Chicago Bus 45$

        Departure: 	July 30th 	15:10

Arrivals: July 31st 08:30

Spending 31, 1 and 2 in Chicago Night saved 1

2) Chicago to Denver Plane 120$

        Departure: 	Aug 3rd 	        12:20

Arrivals: Aug 3rd 13:56

Spending 3, 4, 5 in Denver

3) Denver to Salt Lake City Amtrack 65$

        Departure: 	Aug 6th 	        08:05

Arrivals: Aug 6th 11:05

Spending 7, 8, 9 in SLC

4) Salt Lake City to San Francisco Amtrack 80$

        Departure: 	Aug 9th 	         23:30

Arrivals: Aug 10th 16:10

Spending 10, 11, 12 in SF Night saved 1

5) San Francisco to Los Angeles Bus 31$

        Departure: 	Aug 13th 	07:20

Arrivals: Aug 13th 16:15

Spending 13, 14, 15, 16 in LA

6) Los Angeles to Dallas Bus 59$

        Departure: 	Aug 17th 	07:10

Arrivals: Aug 18th 14:40

Spending 18, 19, 20 in Dallas

7) Dallas to New Orleans Bus 15$

        Departure: 	Aug 20th 	18:20

Arrivals: Aug 21th 05:40

Spending 21, 22, 23 in New Orleans Night saved 1

8) New Orleans to Orlando Bus 15$

        Departure: 	Aug 23th 	23:59

Arrivals: Aug 24th 13:15

Spending 24, 25 in Orlando Night saved 1

9) Orlando to New York Plane 175$

        Departure: 	Aug 26th 	10:00

Arrivals: Aug 26th 12:31

And then back to Paris with the departure at 23:59 Aug 26th.

Total cost: 605$, let’s say prices increase by 15% and make that 700$.

Don’t really know how much can cost a night, let’s say 50$, it means 200$ saved on sleep.

I can probably skip a day in SLC, SF or LA in order to arrive a day earlier at NYC to be sure not to miss my plane back.

It seems that the journey from Denver to SF in train is amazing. Great sightseeing of the country and natural wonders. I really wanted to spend some time in natural parks but it cost an arm (e.g. Grand Canyon back and forth from LA ≈ 250$, more or less the same thing for other parks like Yosemite). That's why I think taking the train from Denver to SF can be a great substitute for the scenery.

I have my brother in Dallas and a friend in LA that I’m visiting.

Do you think it’s doable ? Do you recommend spending more or less time in a particular city ? Do you think it’s way to much transportation by bus/train ? Do you think I’m missing something by passing near it and not making a stop ? I would love your input.

Might switch the bus ride from LA to Dallas for a plane. Here's Plan A:


That is a lot of bus.

I think you'll run out of stuff to do in SLC. It is not an interesting place. The route is sound, however, because that train will take you through back-of-beyond Nevada, which may very well be more empty than you've ever seen in your young life.

veen spent four days with us in LA; let's see if he wanted more or less time.

I agree with Galen. Dallas is not an interesting place. I'm not a big fan of Texas in general and you will have seen all the empty you can handle crossing Nevada. Austin if you must; I'd happily replace all of the Southwest with some time in and around DC/Boston/Baltimore/Etc.

I've been to Orlando. I haven't been to Memphis, Nashville, Louisville or Charleston. Given my choice between going to Orlando or any of the previous, I'd go to any of the previous. Given my choice between going to Orlando or going to Dallas, I'd go to Dallas. Make of that what you will.

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