Hey hubski people! I'm new (obviously) and thought I would start my hub journey with a bit of lyrical sharing. I hope you guys enjoy! Creative criticism is welcome...but please be gentle.

This one is called: Leave the Prison Behind (Open Minds)

Capo 4th fret Abarr Gpositon Epos Cpos

What goes up must come down? Preoccupations will abound,

In this world of science and love, Forget to question life from above,

The answer was sought we’ve forgotten why, Because all we think is buy me my…

New car or stereo all the things I want, ALT-New car or stereo the Ipod not God,

And so life goes, isn’t it odd?

Gpos Dpos

Apos Gpos Cpos Dpos

Leave the Prison behind, Drowning in the money slime,

Spending our souls time, Drowning in money’s slime.


Bankrupt on life to the debt of why, Into our cell of meaningless life,

Why are we here? Escape and try, To see the world without consuming eyes,

The places we go, people we’ll meet, There for us to change our beat,

The answer is still sought, let’s remember how, To become one positive vision now!

Repeat Chorus (END)

This one is called: Soul Care

(Spoken) Running away from everything I am and hiding in the dark,

I don’t know what to say-many frozen hands and many days stark,

And the demons-ringing the bells like the many words that burn,

The hollow and shallow distances erasing the things I’ve learned.(Spoken)

Capo On 2ND Fret

Did you know that you shine, Oh, when there's no light,

You see that face, That's given by good grace,

Didn't catch the mirror, You'll pass it again so look;

That blank stare you have, You don't know what's real,

Could you say, You've been yourself today,

What if you're not, Your just some robot.


Ooo roll away skip away,

You've never been so far away.


Not my best pieces, but I'm not sure how safe posting is...copy right stuff or if I can even claim rights on my own songs somehow. This brings up another interesting point. Anyone know about this type of stuff? Copy righting that is. Thanks guys! Look forward to conversing and sharing ideas!


Welcome to Hubski! i think its pretty awesome that you put yourself out there like this with your first post. Cheers!

Are you going to record this song? Have you already? I look forward to hearing it.

You can learn more about Hubski here:


And feel free to reach out to me directly if you need any further help with the site. Rock on!

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