I'm looking for a place like Reddit but without the hoards of porn. Is this place porn free?


Everyone seems to be focusing on the second part of your question, and failing to address the first (implied) question... "... looking for a place like Reddit..."

I probably would have used that short-hand as well when I first started here, but I have come to realize that Hubski is not "like Reddit" in the most important ways.

People refrain from replying on Hubski, generally, if they don't have something to ADD to the conversation. An alternate viewpoint (like this post), or a further confirmation of an existing point made earlier, etc.

So no, this place is not "like Reddit", in that people generally think before posting. People value their username on Hubski. I know a couple of the luminaries have a couple of different profiles they post with, but that's because of operational stuff; like posting Official Notices from an Official Hubski Boss account, or whatever, as opposed to their "normal" account. Unlike Reddit, Hubskiers value their name and stand behind their posts. They think before they post.

So on the surface, and in a brief overview kind of way, yes Hubski is "like Reddit".

But it is oh so much more than that.

posted by Amateurman: 720 days ago