Over the past two days I've been in the studio with The Sextet, recording music I've written and arranged over the past few years. The quality of the music we created filled me with so much happiness that all I could do last night, lying in bed, was replay all the incredible moments we captured.

There have been so many supportive people throughout this whole process. From those who helped with the Kickstarter, the musicians in the band, concert goers, and those who have "liked" one of our facebook posts.

What we'll be releasing as been the result of countless hours of dreaming and hard work. The original plan was to release a nice and easy 5 track EP. I am happy to announce that because of our focused recording, along with the help of sound engineer extraordinaire Nathaniel Stoll, we will be releasing a full length album - 8 tracks just shy of one hour.

It seems impossible to count all my blessings because there are so many. The Universe has been provided me with abundance, and I am infinitely grateful.

The album will be mixed, mastered, and available on CD and online mid-July!

(Photo by Daiva Trudeau)


AWESOME!! Shout it from the roof tops buddy. That is great, I look forward to the day I'm able to follow in your footsteps and record something with as much gumption.

posted by BLOB_CASTLE: 995 days ago