It's early in the morning and insomnia is getting to me. I'm sitting up in bed, reading the news on my phone. I have the covers over my head so as not to wake the wife up with the light from the screen. Unfortunately, the dog is underneath the covers, stinking up the bed with her nasty frito feet. The smell is unbearable, almost enough to get me to move to the couch. It's just really cold right now and I don't feel like getting up. Fuck it. I'm moving. I can't take the stink.

This is a nice couch by the way. Cozy as fuck. I joked with the wife the other day, saying that if Trump wins the presidency we should leave the country. She actually likes that idea and said she'd be willing to do it. So we talked about where we'd go. I told her some place small. I'm tired of city life, it wears me down. I've read a bit about Suriname lately, don't know why, probably cause I'm bored, and it really appeals to me. It's a small country, ethnically diverse, and it doesn't seem to see too much political trouble. I can't remember from where, but I've heard good things about Estonia and Bhutan as well.

If I'm to be honest, the idea of leaving the country, especially with no major skills and only being able to speak English, sounds scary as fuck. I don't think I'd actually do it. My wife though? She's brave, smart, and strong willed, all traits I lack. I think, if she were to do it and I came along, we could make things work. I wouldn't even know how to start though. Maybe if it happens, I'll ask goobster how he pulled it off . . .


    we could make things work

I bet you could. It will be either the best decision you ever made, or a terrible mistake. If it's a mistake, you'll come back and get a new couch, and you'll have a great story.

Please keep us posted.

posted by rd95: 804 days ago