The app is still very fresh and I would love to hear your feedback.

It lets you follow all Congressional activity so you can be better educated on the issues that matter to you.

4USXUS tracks your Representatives in Congress, and gives you real-time updates on House and Senate votes, while monitoring the issues that are important to you.

We combine all of your votes, and the votes from the site to generate customized metrics based on your opinions, and those of your fellow Americans.

Things will change only through an informed citizenry. Unfortunately the mainstream media is not interested in keeping us up to date with the shenanigans of our local legislatures or Congress.

The site is:

The website has been in development for around 2 years now and during this time it has changed on a weekly basis (just did a full redesign and backend rewrite about 6 months ago).

It's only me developing this with one partner and it's fully self-funded - we haven't made any money so far. Every feedback helps. We want to help everyday US citizens better understand bills introduced in Congress.

Your account is accessible from both the web app and the mobile app.

You can freely browse the site without creating an account but if you want to start building your approval rating you will have to create an account so we can prevent voting abuse and to let you follow other users, Reps and bills.

Thanks for reading!


Your site is down.

posted by johnwellpacked: 1019 days ago