A little over a month ago, thenewgreen issued to hubski a challenge -- to eat with another hubskier.

_refugee_ happens to be an hour away and offered to break bread with me in Baltimore. Others nearby in DC or Philly may be interested, like arguewithatree and meriadoc and greenitalics and wasoxygen.

The date: Saturday, April 2nd, sometime in the mid-afternoon or evening. We can go absolutely anywhere tasty but to start the conversation, two places I recommend are Birroteca, a craft-beer & wine and fancy pizza place with accommodating parking for those driving, and Koco's Pub, a mom-and-pop restaurant with the best crab-cakes around. But I would go anywhere :)

If this date and time don't work, we can also shoot for another weekend. Grubski 2016!


weird i didn't get the shout out for this. Meriadoc and I are trying to get to Baltimore for Light City this weekend so maybe we can intersect??

posted by blackbootz: 1054 days ago