Hello Hubski, it’s Creativity and thenewgreen asked me if I wanted to do a Meethubski so, here it goes. I just want to say before it that I’m coming from France and that I’ve never been in an English speaking country for more than 2 weeks before, so I hope that I’m going to sound ok and that you’re going to understand me.

I’m going to discover the first question with you: what is your happiest memory from childhood?

Well… uh. It’s a difficult one. My happiest memory from childhood would be I think playing with my brother. We had little figurines, which was like 10 cms tall, figurines from Spiderman, Superman and all those movies and we had like 50, 100 of them and we would play with them like all afternoon long. It was… well… I’ve never been connected to my brother more than at that time and it was really great just playing with him all afternoon. He is 4 years older than me. And, yeah, we were care-free, we didn’t thought about life we were just playing and having fun all day and it was a really great time.

So the second question is: who are some hubskiers you enjoy following and why?

Well, since I joined Hubski more than a year ago, I followed like 20/30 people I don’t remember exactly and the list pretty much stayed the same and I was more on following tags that I like. But some hubskiers that I particularly enjoy the comments and posts. The first one I guess would be Kleinbl00 because, well, whether it’s a post or a comment, he’s always argumentative and he’s always like explaining in depth his opinion and he gives a wide perspective of things and tries to go in depth about his ideas and opinions and I really like that about him.

I also really enjoy following [?] like lil’s dating life or thenewgreen music. It’s just I think it’s more than individuals, it’s like the community that is really great by just sharing our life together and sharing ideas and opinions and our works. It’s just like an organic… an organic internet society that’s really great because everyone is here for supporting each other and being here for each other. That’s what I really like about Hubski.

The final question is: what is your message?

Well, my message to the Hubski community would be to use more of critical thinking. Like for example in everyday life we tend to rely on experts and known authoritative figures to tell us truths and we don’t enough try to understand things on a deeper level. Like for example at school, the people around there learn things by hearths but they do not try to push the boundaries and to understand how things goes and relates to each other on a deeper level. So basically is yeah, use critical thinking in everyday life and especially on subjects that interest you. Like for example instead of reading an article about artificial intelligence try to read a book or something like that and… yeah. That’s it. Thanks for listening Hubski.

posted by MeetHubski: 882 days ago