Hi everybody! lil and I got to talking, and out popped the idea of having a WNY/Ontario meetup. Not quite sure on the date or any of the details, though we briefly discussed having it at the casino in Niagara Falls (Canadian side of course!). I think it's a wonderful idea: imagine having a drink or two, playing the tables and/or slots, and then taking a walk over to the falls, lit up at night. Wonderful!

Thoughts? Could anybody make it? Who else lives in the Ontario/WNY area?


So far: lil, myself, OftenBen, and my lovely girlfriend (remembered it: commonanimal) are likely attendees. We have thundara, mk, ecib, and someguyfromcanada as maybes. A better response than I had anticipated, to be honest!


insomniasexx won the penny slots jackpot at a Detroit Hubski event a few years ago. (A penny slots jackpot was only like $200 or something, but still, the bells and whistles made it seem exciting.) And that was after we'd thrown down some money on black and won that, too. Hubski brings good luck to casinos. I say, if you do, definitely bet everything you can afford and then some. Sound financial advice.

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