One lyric inspired by a conversation on Hubski I had with OftenBen:

Hey, I need to see you again

I'm not supposed to care

That when dreaming

You're not really there

Hey, I'm supposed to care

About so much more

The score! What's the score?

The neighbors consort

Build treaties and bridges

I am not my insulin

Don't add insult to injury

I'm supposed to care

About so much more

Where have you been

See, this change of winds is good

Count on my fingers

All the ways that I can make you feel good

lil -I played some weird hockey.


LOVING this. you've really traveled on this track. I am going to listen more before saying more.

Let's write a song that incorporates a sound from our locale/daily life. What do you think?

posted by thenewgreen: 1116 days ago