A yacht owned by ... marine conservationist Paul Allen has ploughed into a sensitive reef in the Cayman Islands, destroying the majority of coral on the protected ecosystem.


Ahoy, it should be noted he wasn't on the boat, and that the port authority directed them to anchor there. Paul Allen is no scrooge, and although one can argue that it means nothing for a multi-billionaire to do this, he is member to Bill Gate's pledge of giving over half of his wealth to charitable causes. Mostly tech/med, but also heavily climate/environment.

According to reddit there's some yet-to-be-proven conspiracy that this is being done more and more frequently by the Cayman port authority for $$$.

When I'm rich, I'm straight-up buying a jungle or something and letting that shit thrive so I know at least one financially able person isn't brutally assaulting the Earth.

posted 1618 days ago