One problem with private messages has been that if there are multiple people in a PM, only the person that is being replied to directly would be notified of a new comment.

Today we added email alerts and notifications for PM conversations.

That is, if someone makes a new comment in a PM, everyone in that PM will now receive an email alert, and the comment will appear in their notifications.

You can toggle 'private message emails' in your settings.

In addition to this change, there are two aspects of PMs that we would like to get feedback on:

  1) Should hubwheels be added to PMs?

  2) Should the OP be able to add more people to the PM? This is currently possible.

As always, feedback is much appreciated.


Part of the attraction of hubski is the simplicity of the featureset. With time and skill, the seemingly simple features of the site can be used in such a way to do more complex things, but the essential simplicity is all there.

Therefore, I think PMs should be PMs. A private message between two people. Period.

Adding, subtracting, hushing, blahblahblahing... that's all functionality that really doesn't need to exist. If three people are collaborating on a project together, there are tools for that. Tools that AREN'T hubski. And there is no reason for the hubski featureset to support such functionality. That would distract from hubskis base purpose.

Feedback has now been applied to the affected area.

posted by hubski: 540 days ago