Hello, Hubski. I've been asked by thenewgreen to answer three questions and to be honest I'm a little bit scared of those three obscured questions, but I've been told I should be myself and answer them honestly.

So the first question is: What is freedom?

Freedom, for me, is to be able to do whatever I want to do whenever I want to do it. I got to experience freedom for the very first time actually, and you might have guessed it, at the Burn. Nobody actually cares where you come from and what you do in your day to day life. Or whatever, you can just wake up some morning, put on your tutu, put on some lipstick and wig, and call yourself something else and just walk around being someone else, just free following the noises that come from any corner of the playa or anywhere meeting so many people that you have never met before. That's freedom to me.

The second question: How did you find Hubski and why did you stay?

I'm not sure where I found Hubski. Probably on Reddit at some point. I'm pretty sure on Reddit. Why I liked it? I liked Hubski actually because people wanted to have personal relationships. It wasn't about that anonymous guy that writes some comment to get Karma or something. People remembered each other's names, or names that they'd chosen and motivated each other to do stuff and the whole community supported or actually inspired everyone to make something. To produce something. And that's why we see people doing music and all those collaborations together and so on. So I like this real community that was online. And that's why I stayed.

So third question: What is your message?

My message...I guess my message is accept everyone however he or she wants to be. By that I mean, and it goes with one of the things that I posted on Hubski not long ago: Don't see people by the baggage that they have on their backs; that they are given. Don't see people by their names, their family names, where they come from, see the people by what they tell you they are. Or what is important for them. Don't judge the people for what was given to them without their choice. I guess that's my message.

Thank you, Hubski for listening and enjoy your evening.

posted by MeetHubski: 1099 days ago