I made my second terrarium today! I used dyed reindeer moss for ground cover. The plants are a Spider Plant, Fittonia, Button fern, and Aralia. I'm not sure what will happen with the spider plant. It has a huge root ball, and I might eventually have to re-pot it if it gets too big. I am hoping the button fern will grow outward and provide some more ground coverage.

kleinbl00 and In case you read the last post: the Hawthoria and hens and chicks in my succulent vase are doing great so far. The air plant is looking a little dry, but I've been soaking it weekly, keeping it indirect sunlight, and making sure it gets some air flow. I'm not sure why it looks unhappy.


I love it. The red reindeer moss looks rad in amongst the rest of the colours.

posted by TheGreatAbider16: 955 days ago