The questions:

1. What can be learned

2. What is your favorite Hubski slogan and why?

3. What is your message?

Thank you for participating lil and Happy New Year to you and to everyone else that sees this. Cheers!


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Hi, Hubski! This is lil. As some of you know, I found Hubski accidentally while searching for the Higgs-Boson. Now it seems I've been here about 1600 days, which is phenomenal. Thenewgreen wanted me to be the New Year's Eve visitation so he sent me three questions. So I'll unveil these questions now.

Question 1: What can be learned?

Oh! Everything! Everything can be learned. I think thenewgreen is asking me this question because I ask it all the time. Things can be learned if we're willing to take a minute and self-reflect or think back on what happened and what we could possibly learn from it. How bad was it? How can we do it differently? Why did it even happen in the first place? So in terms of our personal life many, many things can be learned. In fact, the sooner we realize how little we actually know - that everything we think is going on is not really going on or is going on differently from someone else's perspective and we're aware of that - then a lot can be learned.

Ok, unveiling question #2: What is your favorite Hubski slogan and why?

Well I guess you're asking me this question as the curator of Hubski slogans. I must say my favorite slogan has got to be, "Hubski: Pushing Back the Dark." Why is that? It's so closely related to the first question: what can be learned? The dark is ignorance, the dark is everything that we don't know. The dark is fear. The dark is preconceptions of the way thing are. The dark is jumping to conclusions. The dark is prejudice; the dark is not giving people a chance. The dark is thinking we know anything. And Hubski pushes back the dark if we let it. If we make space for it to enter our consciousness and realize that people have things to say that might be worth listening to. The dark is the absence of poetry in our lives. It's a lot of dark.

Okay, so, Hubski, the last question is what's your message?

What's my message? Oh, I don't know. Have a good New Year? Learn to write better damn it! Back up your files. Or maybe my message is to surround yourself, if possible, people who care about your feelings and who show it by listening to you, engaging, asking the next question, and basically people who make room for you in their lives. And maybe my last message is to push back the dark.

Ok. Happy New Year!

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