Three years to the day, unfortunately I can't find the first post and comment but I know they were as follows:

First Post: Something about education that was from HuffPo (Oh how I've learned).

First Comment: Mentioning how great All Blondes Go to Heaven are after seeing a submission from BrainBurner on them.

Since then:

1. Met a handful of Hubskiers in Boston.

2. Started (and left) a record label.

3. Graduated and drove across the country.

4. Above all, spent a lot of time talking to some amazing people who have done more than they've ever needed to do as far as giving advice, sharing interests, and being genuinely interesting and kind people on the internet (and in real life too, I'm sure). I can't overstate how exciting it will be to meet more of you in Seattle.

Personal growth abound, community growth abound, but Hubski is still Hubski and I hope that continues to be the case as the community changes. A lot of people have come and gone over the years, but I'm hoping to continue talking with the lot of you in the future. Not very sure what else to say, so there you have it. Three years later.


Glad to have you, BE.

Happy Hubday.

posted by ButterflyEffect: 876 days ago