I'd like to stress how bad the media are in France right now, and how they are milking (and doing more harm than good) the fear-mongering and inventing a story about Islam Vs Racist at any opportunity.

Since this morning we had one news on repeat: A teacher (for pre-schooler) was attacked by a man with a knife who said he was striking for Daesh.

The info sound ridiculous, but that was the "last terrorist" attack: Now school were the target.

Tonight, the stinger: The victim invented the all story.


Btw the politics showed a level of Dumbassery : The minister of education immediatly after the 'attack' went to reassure people that schools would be under surveillance.

The fact that, at the highest level of state, no one could give the advice to, at least, wait a little just to understand what it really was about.. I just cant.

posted by kleinbl00: 893 days ago