Coming at you from Ireland, meet caelum19.

I was going to post these every three weeks, but they're fun to make and you all have been awesome about getting me your content quickly. -Thank you caelum19. Because it's a weekend and frankly, ya'll tend to Hubski more during the week, I'm going to shout-out to the past sharers of #meethubski posts. I don't want you guys to miss this one. Great answers caelum19!

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and a bonus shout-out to my homie that I miss: humanodon

Also, the interview ends at 3:00, but I couldn't help but include some more of Jeff Buckley's rendition of Satisfied Mind.

Enjoy the interview!

Who's next?


The Questions

1. What are you looking forward to?

2. Why do you Hubski?

3. What is your message?

For the hearing impaired and for those unable to access audio, yellowoftops was awesome enough to write out caelum19's responses:

    Hello. It’s Caelum19. I’m from Ireland so as you can imagine, it’s raining (rain noise in the background) quite a lot. I’m under the trees for cover; they’re working partially, still a bit of rain getting through but it’s no problem really. I’ve ridden out here a fair distance from my house. In fact, it’s just me and you right now. There’s probably no one within 300 meters.

    Anyway, for the questions, the first one is: What am I looking forward to?

    One thing I’m looking forward to is work experience at IBM that I’ll be getting like a programming placement there, I think. Which is quite good because I’m quite interested in programming. The other things I’m looking forward to like programming projects and like working on engines. Which is very ambitious but it’s just for fun so it doesn’t really matter anyway. I’m just looking forward to all that.

    Anyway, second question: Why do I Hubski?

    Well, one reason I Hubski is because everyone there is so friendly and always willing to help and occasionally I get opportunities pop up and get them too. Getting to know everyone. I know it’s kind of like a real life community on there. Where other places, like Reddit for example, are quite detached.

    Anyway, third question: What is my message?

    Well I’m only 15. I haven’t had much time to think about the message to get out there I think. But one thing I think is very important is that people do what they enjoy a lot better than what they feel they have to. I mean Klein_bl00 posted something about what’s your breaking point as a post that he had recently. That’s not something I feel that people should have to do, I don’t think. I mean there was a time where hard work was necessary to survive, but that’s not really the case anymore. You can (Irish nonsense) so just be lazy, that’s my message. That’s about it.

    So I suppose I can ask you a question: How are you feeling Hubski?


Hey thenewgreen, it's nice to be missed and I miss you too! I miss the 'ski but school has me all eaten up these days. I've been dropping the ball all over the place, so apologies any and all (especially _refugee_, sorry on top of sorry for not sending you that feedback I said I would . . . again). lil, I hope you're well!

So's not to hijack totally, caelum19, work experience with IBM sounds like a really great thing to be looking forward to-- especially at 15! I was washing dishes at 15 and look where it's got me now: living in a place with a roommate who doesn't wash the dishes (he was never a dish dog, you can tell).

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