Hey Hubski!

I know I haven't been all too active/a member of the community lately, but I have a good reason! Since having settled in Portland, I've joined a total of 5 bands. As you can imagine, that keeps me very busy. I love what I'm doing and I couldn't be happier.

One of the groups I'm in is The Sextet. We're a jazz/funk/fusion group playing mainly my original tunes with a few arrangements of jazz standards.

Check out the tune, and if you like it, I'd really really appreciate a like on Facebook (did you know some venues book you based on Facebook likes?).



DUDE. THIS IS AWESOME! Great recording too, that's some groovy bass.

Who was spitting those flaming bars in the beginning? Sounds just like milo.

posted by BLOB_CASTLE: 1177 days ago