Hubski, meet Al.

Who: About two years ago, Al's daughter and my daughter were in the same preschool class. Our wives are physicians. Turns out, Al and I are both huge music fans. In fact, he has an incredibly extensive vinyl collection and he loves to have you over to listen to it. But, unlike many collectors, he's not a snobby dick, he's actually one hell of a nice guy. Throw in the added bonus that he likes beer, wine and food, and you can see why I like the guy. Also, we occasionally run together.

Why: I think Al would be a great addition to the Hubski community. He would love the #hubskioriginalmusicclub -he was a punk drummer back in the day and played with some good groups. He would be an awesome addition to the #weeklymusicthread -I have no doubt he'd introduce people to some good new music. He would also be great at contributing to the #grubski tag, -He's a phenomenal cook. Also, like many of us, Al has the kind of job that would allow him to check out Hubski once or twice a week or even day.

Next step: I'm going to send Al a link to this post and invite him to create a Hubski account and comment here. If he does, please say hello and welcome him.

A note to Al: Al, I've been on Hubski for a long time and I don't take doing something like this lightly. I'm essentially introducing you to my closest circle of friends, people whose opinions I value as high as any other people I socialize with. I hope you will create an account and check out our little corner of the Internet. If you do, please leave a comment below. If you need help figuring anything out, let me know.


Steve (thenewgreen)


Goddammit Al, after that introduction if you stand us up, I'll never love anyone again. Just kidding. I'll never love again because I'm afraid to let anyone get close to my crazy ass.

posted by thenewgreen: 972 days ago