I was at an improv workshop yesterday given by a friend of mine. Her workshop was called Executive Presence and seemed to be aimed at women who needed to build confidence so that they could have more of that "presence." I went for the improv - and to see what she did. She'll come to one of my workshops and we might do some collaboration.

At one point in the workshop the leaders wanted us to share a failure and then clap our hands and say "Failure. Ta da!"

They said, "Once the failure has happened, let it go. Everyone else has. Identify what can be learned."

I wanted to plaster hubski stickers all over the place.

As we say in Canada, what can be learned, eh?


Remember kids: Sucking at something is the first step at getting kinda good at something.

Failure teaches you many, many things. It teaches you how to handle adversity. It teaches you sportsmanship, character, and humility. It teaches you that not all of us are winners, and in the various games of life some people, through no faults of their own, are not going to 'win.' Failure also exposes your faults, and examining your failings will, if followed up, make you a better person.

Removing failure from education being a disaster is one of the few things that my mom and I agree on. Kids have to be allowed to fail, to fall flat on their ass and just not make it. Learning how to dust yourself off and get back up to try again is something every kid needs to know how to do, and do well if they want to be functional adults.

posted by lil: 1117 days ago