Last night, I put up some of the new Hubski stickers in Chicago. What a great night.

I had dinner at a very over-priced, over-hyped, restaurant that I wouldn't ever recommend to anyone. But I had such a nice time hanging out with my wife and walking around down town. It's a beautiful city.

Today, I had lunch with T-Dog and it was great to finally meet the guy in person. It's hard not to talk with him and be envious of his place in life. The guy just finished an EP of original songs and they're truly wonderful. No shit, the guy has some major writing, producing chops. Plus, his band the Blisters are just finishing their second album. PLUS... he just got a job bar-backing at a swank place and he's a senior at Columbia, studying music.

I can't tell you how much I'd enjoy being 21 again and having all that T has going on for him. -Dick.

It was great meeting you in person. I'm glad to be making music with you.

Tonight, we are dining at Girl and the Goat and apparently we are going to the Pump Room for drinks.

We were staying at the Hilton on MI Ave, but it really sucked, so we moved to Loews Chicago and it's MUCH nicer. I'm excited to be staying here and for the rest of my weekend.

Tomorrow, b_b will be in town and I hope to be joining him for some drinks.

Good times thus far.


Great meet up! uh... and you should all go check out the band's site. Great tunes, reasonably priced albums and ONLY 36 limited edition CDs left....

posted by thenewgreen: 1435 days ago