“Find out who you are and do it on purpose.” ― Dolly Parton


Recently, nowaypablo made a post asking for interview guidance. One of the questions he anticipated receiving was the dreaded, "tell me about your greatest weakness."

How would you answer that question? If we all know that this question is likely to be asked, why do we still fear it? What is the objective of the interviewer? Are they genuinely interested in your specific answer, or are they interested in how you answer? -I think it's both. They want to know that your weakness wouldn't preclude you from doing the job effectively, sure, but they are also interested in how you answer. Were you able to quickly and succinctly articulate an answer to such a question? Do you possess the self-awareness to have a good answer?

So how about it Hubski, What is your greatest weakness?


So I think that the answer to this question really depends on the context - I think that my answer to this question "in life" or "in relationships" would differ a lot from what I'd say for work. Since this is on the tng selling series and placed in the context of a job interview, I'll answer the way I would at work - as honestly as I can.

I have difficulty seeing the forest for the trees sometimes - if I get very involved or interested in something, I can hyper-focus on small elements such that I lose sight of the bigger picture. This can cause me to use my time ineffectively as I'm trying to research one small detail because I become attached to it, when instead the greater priority is finishing the whole piece. This also impacts my communication because sometimes, I communicate things on too micro a level. It's been useful to me at work to learn to take a step or two back from "where I am" in a project, and try to present information on a larger level to business partners and coworkers, etc.

I'm really, really good at research and analysis but sometimes that means I get way too into nailing down the details behind the smallest details. This is one of the most frustrating ways that I lose time at work, because I become attached to identifying the right answer when really I need to let go and move on.

But learning this about myself has been helpful in fighting against it. I also think it's a valuable thing for me to know about myself. It helps me to say "Stop it, get out of your head" when I can feel myself getting drawn down a research hole.

posted by thenewgreen: 1023 days ago