I'm back again and Ive been busy, First a question; I have a few pieces done now. Was wondering if it would be better to share them one by one over time, or lump them all together?

This one is inspired by dungeon crawling, one of my favourite things of all time is Tabletop role playing games. I've had more fun playing them than almost anything else, though I haven't had the time to schedule a game in almost a year now. I started playing with friends, and made many more from playing the game. Some of the adventures we went on are still told like anecdotes amongst our social group (Like the time we incited a riot and revolution on Courosant in Star Wars, or the kingdom we founded when we turned an old ruined castle we cleared out into a new seat of power, uniting the people and overthrowing several dukes and princes.)

This is my second version of this picture, the first I cut as a stencil a few years back, and transferred to a T-shirt by spraying it with diluted bleach to stain the black T-shirt white (It came out a bright orange which looked great) If I can root it out I will add it to this post too.

So let me know what you think, what you like and what you don't. I'm open to all comments and criticism :)


Very good, this instantly made me think of Dungeons of Dredmore and it's various start and victory screens. You captured the vibe perfectly, I look forward to seeing what you come up with next!

posted by Kerbobotat: 984 days ago