So, I got hired! Just got the call about an hour ago. Only in Vegas since Sunday and I'm already employed. Kinda crazy. They interviewed about 50 individuals, brought 8 back for a 2nd interview and out of that hired 2 or 3... It's base pay + commission.

I also informed them of my disability (feeding tube) during the 'we would like to offer you the position' phone call. They said my necessary accommodations wouldn't be a problem. That they can accommodate a small backpack, and pair me in a teammate for some of the in-home (clients homes) and outside of the office tasks.

Who knew I could find a position so soon! Crazy.


Damn right you got the job. Know why? Cause you're amazing. You know it, now they know it. All that's left now is you gotta show it, every single day.

Congrats man. Here's hoping this is that start of something great for you.

posted by xofaith: 1056 days ago