Hey all,

In case you are new here, we design a new sticker every 6 months or so - whenever we've shipped all our old ones. Someday, the old ones are all going to be worth a LOT of money!

But hey. We aren't here to talk about the old - we want new! Design us a sticker. We prefer it to have equal lengths on both sides as it will be printed on a square 4" x 4" sticker. You can do a border if you would like, like we've done in the past. We also prefer it to have only one color + black OR white. So orange and white is okay. Gray and white is okay. Black and blue is okay. But black and blue and white won't cut it.

Feel free to add more colors once you've done a single color version. I will put any designs that people show interest in, in the redbubble shop so you can buy tshirts, hoodies, onesies, etc.

If the design is badass enough, we are also going to be doing cheap little coozies. Because...fuck yes coozies. Koozies? Coosies? Cooties?

Anyways.... here are some reference materials

lil's post about Hubski slogans:

Previous sticker threads:

Theres a link to colors and how to build the hubski logo here:


Get drunk (sleep deprived?) and design something at 2:00 AM again

That's in 6 minutes, hop to it

posted by insomniasexx: 1126 days ago