I would love to live in either San Fransisco, London, Paris, Berlin or Barcelona. The only issue is that I only speak English and Spanish, but hopefully after going to school in Montreal I'll know a little French! I've also hear Vienna and Prague are extremely beautiful cities. So where do you all want to live?


Alright, so I'm about to get a little weird with this, but Saturn.

I know, I know, Saturn is a gas giant, it doesn't actually have a "surface", per se, but hear me out.

As a guitarist, I've had quite a humongous pedalboard at multiple points in my musical adventure. But one thought always struck me: sound needs a medium to travel through (which, 99.99999999999999999...etc% of the time, is air), so with that in mind, how would music sound on other planets? What if different atmospheric attributes made all music on one planet have a "distortion" effect, while music on another got a "phase shifter" or "chorus" effect, simply because of what's in the air?

Like Venus, which has a hellish landscape to say the least, and atmospheric makeup of mostly nitrogen and CO2, or maybe Neptune, which has an atmospheric composition of helium, hydrogen, and methane. I mean, how would metal, or jazz, or even rap sound on these planets?

So with that in mind, I'd like to live on Saturn, because it shares similarities with Neptune, being made up of mostly nitrogen and helium, and it looks freaking beautiful to boot.

Probably not the answer OP was looking for, but I've always wondered about stuff like this :P

posted 1817 days ago